Recent years have seen an increase in consumers growing their own vegetables, and according to the Garden Media Group‘s 2014 Garden Trends Report, the popularity of home-grown produce is to continue to rise. Lack of space needn’t be a barrier to home-grown produce, as even the smallest gardens and patios can become a bed of lettuce (or potatoes) with clever use of a grow bag. Here are some reasons why a customer should choose a grow bag for growing their veggies:

1.A grow bag will squeeze into any small space, much easier than a rigid container, making it ideal for use in tiny gardens, small patios, sheds, greenhouses, conservatories and balconies. Grow bags can be tightly packed together, thus reducing moisture loss and reducing the need to water.

2.Since you fill your grow bag with compost, there is no digging or soil preparation involved. This makes growing vegetables a quick and labour free activity.

3.You can buy different grow bags in various sizes. Salad grow bags for example, are meant for short rooted crops such as lettuce, so they are much shallower than tomato grow bags. This saves you money on compost and requires less watering too.

4.Grow bags are re-usable, so at the end of the growing season you can rinse them out and use them the following year.

5.When growing potatoes in a grow bag, you can feel the size of the tubers by prodding the flexible sides, so you don’t run the risk of harvesting your spuds when they are still tiny! This is always a possibility when growing potatoes in the ground.

6.They are less expensive than rigid containers, and a great alternative to a raised bed. They are also portable, so can be much more easily moved than a wooden planter.

7.Grow bags can be used in a greenhouse instead of planting directly into the ground. This also protects them for soil borne diseases. Once you have lost an entire crop of tomatoes to blight spread from the potatoes planted outside the greenhouse, you will appreciate just how important this is!

8.At the end of the growing season, spent compost provides a very good much to spread on the garden.

9.Many grow bags are currently on special offer, so you will make even bigger profit margins on this wonderfully versatile gardening product.